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Types of Media

Meaning of Media 

The term “media” refers to various forms of communication channels and platforms which are used to distribute information, news, entertainment, and advertising, like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc. A lot of diverse functions are performed by these communication channels, including presenting the ad messages, conveying information and news, offering entertainment which could appeal to a specific or a large set of people, etc. The communication messages of the advertisers are carried by the media to the audience. Hence, they act as a link between the consumer and the sellers of goods and services

Definition of Media

According to George E. Belch, “Media refers to non-personal channels of communication that carry the message without interpersonal contact between sender and receiver”.

According to Philip Kotler, “The communication channels through which message moves from sender to receiver is called media”.

It refers to the various channels through which an advertiser conveys his message to the target segment. It is the medium by which an advertising message is communicated to the intended customers. All the tools that help an advertiser convey their message to the target segment together constitute media.  Every approach accessible to the advertiser for communicating his message to the target segment is a part of the media. It includes channels of communication that facilitate the transmission of the advertiser’s message from the sender to the receiver.

Characteristics of Advertising Media

Types of Media

Advertisers wishing to create a huge effect at affordable budgets can select mass media for communicating their message as it is an ideal channel for them. The four vital mass media channels are newspapers and magazines. television, radio.

The significant factors of a media mix comprise the aforesaid channels or media classes because they are competent in improving the cost-effectiveness of the advertising campaign and they can reach a large number of the target segment. They are also capable of offering selectivity, believability and audio-visual attributes, thus, are favoured by most advertisers. Direct advertising, window displays, outdoor, shop signs, etc.. are some of the other media used for advertising. 

Advertising has different kinds of media alternatives to choose from, which can be categorized into the following groups: 

1) Print Media

It refers to various materials or publications that are printed on paper and distributed.  For example, Newspapers are either distributed by vendors or purchased by customers in their physical format. Unlike digital media, print media does not require any latest technology or excess funds. However, the growing popularity of mobile technology and the Internet which facilitates easy access to news and information from anywhere might decrease the role of print media in the future.

2) Broadcasting Media

Broadcast media, mainly television and radio, are usually associated with advertising. People who lack access to other sources of information or are unable to read and analyze current events often rely on these mediums for news and updates. Apart from news broadcast media also provide valuable educational and entertainment content. 

3) Outdoor Advertising Media

Outdoor Advertising Media is also known as out-of-home media or outdoor media. It is an influential tool that can be used in conjunction with Internet, broadcast, and print advertising. This medium is used for reaching the target audience when they are outside of their homes, in public spaces such as billboards, bus shelters, transit vehicles, and digital screens. In today’s world, a successful advertising campaign cannot be achieved until and unless it has the support of outdoor media. This medium helps reach the target audience when they are outside of their homes. This medium is used in conjunction with Internet, broadcast, and print advertising.

4) Direct Advertising Media

Direct Advertising Media is one of the oldest and most effective means of approaching the target audience. It is the most widespread form of means which, instead of using an indirect medium like magazines or newspapers to deliver a message, uses all types of printed advertising which directly connects with the target audience. The printed form of material can be sent through posts, distributed to people who are passing along roadsides, distributed door-to-door, fixed under the wind-screen of automobiles, or distributed through retailers. When all this information written on the printed matter is sent directly through the mail, then it is known as direct mail advertising.

5) Internet Media

Many major changes have been witnessed in the behaviour of the consumer and their buying decisions owing to the Internet age that gained widespread and rapid popularity in the last ten years. This change has led to the emergence of a new kind of customer that is well-informed and capable of doing immense research work before making a buying decision. These new customers spend a lot of time on the Internet which can be for professional and/or personal motives. Thus, these customers can be the new target audience for marketers who use internet platforms for interacting and reaching out to them.

Types of Media

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