This theme focused on creating a general awareness about the kindney health importance.

Are Your Kidneys OK? 

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The 2007 World Kidney Day theme emphasize the importance of kideney disease early detection, to improve the result of treatment.

Early Detection - Save Your Kidneys 

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2008 World Kidney Day theme emphasized the various aspects of overall kidney care.

 Essential Components of Kidney Care 

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2009 World Kidney Day theme focused on the connection between diabetes and kidney disease.

 Kidneys and Diabetes

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The 2010 World Kidney Day theme emphasized the challenges faced by women regarding kidney health.

Kidney Disease and Women

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The 2011 World Kidney Day theme focused on the importance of kidney health for overall well-being and longevity.

 Healthy Kidneys for Longer Life 

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The theme objective was to raise awareness of the connection between high BP and Kidney disease.

Protect Your Kidneys, Control Blood Pressure 

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This theme objective was to create awareness of the early signs and symptoms of kidney disease.

Kidney Disease: A Silent Killer

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