2014 World Kidney Day theme focused on the role of healthy diet in maintaining good kidney health.

Healthy Diet for Healthy Kidneys

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2015 World Kidney Day theme emphasized the importance of healthy lifestyle choices for good kidney health.

Diabetes and Kidney Disease: A Healthy Lifestyle for Both  

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2016 World Kidney Day theme focus was globally on kidney health.

Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

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2017 World Kidney Day theme focused the connection between obesity and kidney disease.

Kidney Disease & Obesity - Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidneys 

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2018 World Kidney Day theme highlighted the specific kidney health problems faced by women.

Kidneys & Women's Health. Include, Value, Empower

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2019 World Kidney Day theme focused on the concept of global access to kidney care.

Kidney Health for Everyone, Everywhere  

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