A manager is the leader of the organisation he is responsible for the whole organisation performance. A manager must have certain qualities some of which are given here.

Managers need to communicate effectively with their team to share the goals and vison of the organisation.


Strong organising and planning skills enable the managers to perform several tasks simultaneously and on time.

Organization and Planning 

A manager cannot perform everything by himself therefore must be able to delegate the tasks effectively.

Delegation of work

When ever challenges and issues arise manager must be able to solve and make correct decision for a problem.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

A manager should be able to motivate his team members and create a positive work environment no matter how difficult situation may arise during the work.


A manager should continously monitor the performance of hs team and therefore motive the weak members to perform their best.

Performance Management 

Managers with high emotional intelllgence have the ability to build relationships and create a supportive work environment.

Emotional Intelligence 

Managers must have the abilty to manage their time by giving priorities to the necessary tasks and delegate the time as per tasks.

Time Management