International business is the activity of trading goods, services, technology, investment, capital or knowledge transfer across national borders at a global scale.

What is International Business?

International business transactions involves contractual agreements that allows companies to use goods, services, expertise and processes from different countries. 

International business creates opportunities for companies but it also increases competition for domestic businesses by introducing new business opportunities to the countries. 

International business allows companies to explore new markets, make new customers by expanding businessess across world, this process increase sales and visibilty of the business globally.

International business transactions allow companies to establish research and development, sales and distribution or manufacturing networks in foreign market.

International business increases multiple choices for similar products or servies to consumers while making it difficult for domestic business to stand out in the competition.

Global competition in international market encourages companies to focus more on customer preferances and introduce innovation and effeciency in their resources.

International business is more complex than domestic business because many factors affect international business such as government policies, taxes and duties, cultural differences,  etc.