Lambloo gram panchayat has said "In Himachal Pradesh the families of drug addicts will be liable to pay the fine that will be prescribed by the Mahila Mandal".

They added "Drug-free families of Himachal Pradesh will be honoured with the title of ideal families".

Kartar Singh Chauhan is the head of Lambloo panchayat which is located near National Institute of Technology (NIT) in the suburbs of Hamirpur town, Himachal Pradesh. 

Kartar Singh Chauhan, a former educator, has formed drug-free committees in the panchayat wards. He has entrusted the responsibility to eradicate drug abuse to women workers.

Panchayat said, "the women in-charge of the committees are going door-to-door to collect signatures from women on undertakings stating no one in their house drinks".

The resolution letters collected by the women workers of Mahila Mandal will be deposited in the Panchayat Bhawan office by the officials.

If any person in Himachal Pradesh is found struggling with drug addiction, women workers will have to inform this to panchayat that such people will overcome their addictions within a stipulated time.

On october Police had arrested 9 people, including peddlers, drug suppliers and students  at NIT Hamirpur in connection with the recovery and death of drugs.